Is the Air You Breathe Clean?

Not sure? Have no fear.. 360 is here!

Evaporative Service

Ever wonder why you feel muggy, sticky, sweaty and even a little dirty just after turning on the evaporative cooler? These are signs that your evaporative cooler needs a service clean and is not working at its full potential. A service clean consists of washing mold, dirt and dust off the pads, pumps, motor and boards. This is followed by a complete change of water in the trays. To ensure your evaporative cooler works at its optimal range a service is recommended yearly.

Split System Service

Have you come home from a long day at work, rush inside to turn on the air-con only to see it.. struggling!?

This is one of the main problems that people may come across with split systems. You may think it could be a little 'wear and tear' when really the answer could be that its due for service, a professional clean or is low on gas. Be sure to look after your split system so it can look after you. A professional clean and service is recommended to be done yearly to avoid any breakdown or possible repairs. 

Ducted System Service

Ducted Systems are known for the high pressure cool relief they give throughout the warmer months. However with a frequent service dirt can build up on the air filter, bogging down the system and lowering the air flow and overall performance.

A yearly ducted system service and clean can increase the longevity of your unit, ensure the unit it running at optimal performance year round and can avoid potential costly breakdowns. 

  Single Story Clean*       $180   $150

 Unit On Floor Clean*                $150   $130

  Single Story Clean*      $180   $150

  Double Story Clean*      $280   $250

 Unit On Wall/ On Roof Clean*  $180   $150

  Single Story Clean*      $200   $180

Before...     After!

Before...     After!

Before...     After!